Attention all Lowe GB girls & parents

As leaders we find it impossible to know what the local and national situation will be regarding Covid-19 by the time of our Friends and Family evening (3 April). As you will know all our activity on Thursday evenings is now in preparation for this evening and this too is proving difficult given the understandable concerns of parents, girls & leaders along with the guidance from GB HQ on minimising the risks. Consequently, we feel, having consulted with the leadership of the church, that the best course of action is to cancel GB for the remaining 3 weeks of the year up to and including the Friends & Family evening. One of the highlights of the evening is the distribution of awards and we will complete all the administration necessary for this. The badges, etc, we will issue in September and the cups we will distribute to the girls in question at the same time. Please let any members of the Company know of this decision in case they may not see the message.

Finally, we trust that you and your daughter(s) will have a good break and we look forward to seeing you all in September. We all find we are living in strange times and we trust that the God whom we seek, serve and follow will lead us through them.

Lisa Craig, Captain
15 March 2020